Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Star FM, Mercer and Shoultz Complete

Three more plates have come out of the kiln and they are beautiful! Tyler Glen designed the Star FM plate and even took the time to paint and have it signed by his peers at the station. Well Done Tyler! Curt Shoultz created an artistic rendition of "Harvest Moon". Using rich golds and a strong rim of black, this plate will surely be in demand. Thank you for sharing your talent Curt. Known for his rants down back alleys, Rick Mercer never disappoints. His celebrity plate is in your face - ready to get something started. 

Plates soon to be posted, Pittsburgh Penguins, Paula Deen, Jim Treliving, Mayor Shari, Mike Myers and Mike Holmes. 16 days until the big event - get your tickets today. 

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